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Do you dare ?

53df0f42cf97e79f63cf9c98bcfbac9eIn a world full of negative thinking and nay sayers, I wonder how many of us would rise to our full power of being if just one person believed that we could. Even if that one person is ourself. Instead of tearing yourself down, what would happen if you started building yourself up ? If you told the negative committee inside your head to sit down  and hold on because  there’s about to be a new voice in charge and that voice is full of fire and perserverance. Yes, doubt and fear  will creep in. That’s  ok. Let your fear propel you into that realm of infinite possibility. Opening the door to positive thinking and empowerment will be the greatest thing you’ve ever done. Do you dare?


18 thoughts on “Do you dare ?

  1. Gorgeous photo. This sounds like it will be a great blog. I know that I have been very negative about myself and I used to surround myself with negative people. I am looking forward to following your posts.


  2. Striking images are an excellent way to grab readers. Closing with a question invites interaction. You’ve chosen a nice format (suggestion: put a line or two in that about page – readers will go there to find out a bit more about the one who writes intriguing words) And you obviously have words to say – so write on! Welcome to blogging.


  3. Spectacular photo with a powerful blog post! One of my biggest faults is being negative all the time. Your words are exactly right — Dare to be positive!

    I’d love to get your thoughts on my blog ( I’m always looking for feedback on how to improve viewership, so if you have advise, please let me know!


  4. Also new to the blogging world, you’ve made a nice start.
    Children’s books teaching the language are a great way to ease into learning French. They have lots of pictures and specific words for ‘things’ so you’ll have a good base when you need to link the words together. Once it is appreciated that you are trying to learn and are making an effort people will speak English and help you. Learn how to say something like ‘Sorry, I don’t understand,’ for when your French runs into difficulty. Pardon. Je ne comprends pas. It will work wonders.
    Your site has the original instructions still showing, they just need deleting.
    Enjoy writing!

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  5. The photo and piece of writing marry up perfectly! You have a really nice style of writing and it’s great your pushing a positive message! Followed for sure, looking forward to more stuff from you 😄


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