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For the fading ones


This is for the girls. The ones who struggle. The ones who don’t fit in. The ones with shattered hearts and broken spirits. This is for the girls who wake up every morning and feel like they are slowly sinking into an abyss of obscurity. I have also been in that place. You feel like you are stuck, sinking. There is so much darkness that you can not see your way out. I don’t know what you’re struggling with. It could be your weight. It could be the end of a relationship. It could very well be just life itself. Maybe you’re getting picked on at school. I know people can be cruel. I know that words hurt you more than anything else ever could. They stay with you and you replay them over and over again in your head late at night when everyone else is sleeping. I wish I could take your pain. I wish you could just lay your head on my shoulder and feel the peace that I feel. I hope you know that you are more than those painful words flung at you. You are more than that guy who broke your heart and could not see the blazing glory that is you. You are more than the parts of your body that you don’t love. You are a woman. Beautiful, strong, broken. Made up of all your past experiences, heartaches, tribulations. I hope you know how worthy you are of love and redemption. I hope the darkness fades day by day and the light starts to seep into your soul. Have compassion for yourself. There is beauty in carrying on the best that you can. Just one more day. Eventually those days will add up and you’ll look back and realize that you have made it so far. You’ll smile to yourself and know that you are oh so strong and glorious.

I know that sometimes words are just words and they are easier said then done. You might shake your head and say she doesn’t understand. Maybe I don’t. I still hope that my words resonate through your soul and with a gentle touch, clear away some of that darkness and plant a seed of hope.  They say joy comes in the morning. I think joy can come in the dark. When you least expect it. In a way you never imagined.


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