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As I sat outside today watching my grandfather and my son plant tomatoes, all I could think about was renewal. Every spring my grandfather tills the garden, adds manure, mixes it all together and plants seeds. Every summer he watches the seeds sprout and grow into juicy, delicious red orbs. Then every fall without fail the weather wrecks havoc on that tiny piece of earth. The plants freeze and start to droop. Then the snow comes and makes it so it is like it never existed in the first place.

I feel like I am that little piece of earth. As I get ready to say goodbye to my family and friends and start the journey to Quebec, I feel how that little patch of earth must feel after a long winter. Shaking off the bitter cold of the past. Feeling that glorious sun on my skin once again as little seeds of hope and joy start to sprout and awaken to all the endless possibilities in front of me. Am I afraid ? Of course I am. I’ve never been so far from my family before and I’m moving to a place that speaks a language I don’t understand. Am I going to let that stop me ? Absolutely not. I go on in spite of my fear and ignorance. I forge ahead because to stay stagnant is not an option to me. Here is to the start of a new adventure in this crazy, wonderful life.


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